SRTS Surveys Going Home from School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) surveys will be going home from the elementary schools this coming week.  These surveys are a part of the SRTS program.   They will also count for extra points for the next SRTS grant that will be applied for in the amount of $250,000.   The new grant would give Frankfort 2,375 linear feet of new sidewalks, new ADA curbs, new signs, and new marked crosswalks.  It would also include 2 LED Beacon Crosswalks signals for crossing across State Road 38.  If grant is successful, work would begin in 2018.  Yes, a long time to wait, but so worth the wait!

To find out more about where the improvements would be,  here is the link to Frankfort’s Safe Routes to School Comprehensive Plan:

The Comprehensive Plan can be found as well along the top of the blog under the title.  Simply click on the words Frankfort SRTS Comprehensive Plan.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment.  We will gladly answer any questions and do desire input!


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Safe Routes to School Public Open Houses

Frankfort Safe Routes to School will be hosting open houses at Suncrest Elementary and Blue Ridge Primary/Green Meadows Intermediate on Thursday, May 23, 2013.    The Community Schools of Frankfort was awarded a grant to develop a SRTS Comprehensive Plan.   Focus group meetings and neighborhood tours have been in progress behind the scenes by members of the planning team from the Schneider Corporation.  Preparation of neighborhood maps have been developed as well.

The next step in the plan process are these special open houses where YOU, as parents, students and community members, provide input and express your opinions to the planning team.

Suncrest Elementary Open House:  5:00PM-6:00PM in Suncrest Cafeteria

Blue Ridge/Green Meadows Campus Open House:  7:00PM-8:00PM in the Green Meadows Cafeteria    We hope to see you at one of the open houses!

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Frankfort SRTS Awarded National Mini-Grant!

Along with the recent announcement of Community Schools of Frankfort’s (CSF) success in garnering a Safe Routes to School(SRTS) non-infrastructure grant, the school system has also be awarded a $1,000 mini-grant from the National Safe Routes to School.  A mini-grant written for Green Meadows Intermediate was one of 26 chosen out of 212 applicants.  This mini-grant will continue efforts educating students on walking and bicycling safety as well as engage them in becoming active participants through service and project based learning.


Last school year, CSF along with Green Meadows was affected by events which led to significant community concern regarding children’s safe travels to school. The school district chose to strictly enforce the existing policy of a walking zone radius, which decreased the number of students riding the bus. This fueled community concern for children’s safety and well-being as they walked or bicycled to school due to lack of sidewalks, marked crossings and other hazards, which could pose a danger for them. In addition, the city was dealing with its own economic shortfalls and could offer minimal assistance.


Interested community members, including the school system administration, took steps to address the problem. Frankfort’s Safe Routes to School (FSRTS) was born. The group developed Moving to a Healthy Me as a focus of the initiative. In the first year, the school collaborated with community stakeholders to host a Safety Fair and also participated in the International Walk to School Day. Emphasis was placed on teaching walking and bicycle safety to students as well. Community members, Dr. Jared Cates, Stephanie DeCamp, Claudia Houchen and  Brett Todd walked and identified preferred routes to school with Curt Emmnauel developing the final map products.   Community members also attended a series of meetings over the course of two short months to gather data and create a vision for FSRTS which enabled the Safe Routes to School Non-Infrastructure grant to be written and submitted this past spring in May.


Building on the accomplishments of last year, FSRTS has set additional goals with the continued focus on children’s involvement in Moving to a Healthy Me. The desire for the mini-grant was to review how the preferred routes were working for families through project based service learning with continued efforts to build community awareness of the safe routes program while working to strengthen it.  30 Green Meadow Intermediate 5th graders will participate in the service learning projects as part of the mini-grant.   A focus on the importance of making healthy choices and then offering opportunities for movement and exercise will also be targeted.


It should be noted that without the collaboration of school administrators and teachers, Frankfort School Board, parents, community members representing various agencies and students themselves our recent successes in obtaining funds would not have been possible.  A presence of ensuring student safety and well-being is evident in all of  the Frankfort schools serving K-5.  From the first Safety Fair held at Suncrest Elementary last year to the Blue Ridge Local School Advisory Council making student safety a priority and all schools participating in the International Walk-to-School Day— our community is building a strong foundation in making Frankfort Safe Routes to School successful and taking steps towards a healthier community!


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2nd Annual Safety Fair TOMORROW, Saturday, October 1st!

Will you be attending the 2nd Annual Safety Fair held at Suncrest Elementary from 9:00AM until 12:ooPM on October 1st?  Everyone in the community is invited!  Bring your bicycles to have them registered while also participating in the Bicycle Safety Obstacle Course!  Learn more about fire and seat belt safety!  Also, stations will be available to learn about strangers, bullying, latchkey children,  and animal safety just to name a few!

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Suncrest Elementary Featured in National E-newsletter!

Suncrest Elementary was featured as one of the Cool Schools of the Week in a recent national e-newsletter.  Attached is an excerpt from the e-newsletter.  What great exposure for Suncrest Elementary! i-walk Suncrest

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Tonight the 23rd…Complete Streets by Kim Irwin

Kim Irwin, Executive Director of Health by Design, will be speaking tonight, Tuesday, August 23rd, at 6:30PM in Frankfort.  Her presentation at the Purdue Extension Office will be about the Complete Streets initiative.  You might be interested in reading a piece written by Irwin published in the Indianapolis Star.  Here is the link to the article:|newswell|text|Opinion|p

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SRTS Community Stakeholders Prepare Safe Route Maps

SRTS Proposed Suncrest Safe Routes

The above link is to a map prepared as part of a walkability and inventory study performed by community stakeholders, Dr. Jarod Cates, Stephanie DeCamp, Claudia Houchen, and Brett Todd in the spring of 2011.   These stakeholders walked the streets in the Suncrest as well as Blue Ridge/Green Meadows area and took inventory as to problems that existed such as broken sidewalks, no sidewalks, dangerous intersections and many other items that might cause a particular section of a street to be a danger to students walking to school.   Curt Emanuel then entered the data to create the maps linked on this post.  These routes will continue to be studied over the course of the next year as to how the routes can be improved.  Moreover, they will become part of Frankfort’s SRTS Comprehensive Plan that will continue to be developed over the course of the school year.  It is important to note that we must move forward and be active problems solvers that are part of the solution regardless of various decisions made over the years.  Below also is a link to the Blue Ridge/Green Meadows SRTS Proposed Safe Routes.

BR.GM Proposed Safe Routes

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Welcome to Frankfort Safe Routes!

A new school year is upon us this week!  Along with school starting, Frankfort Safe Routes will be starting this blog to keep the community informed of anything and everything pertaining to Safe Routes to School (SRTS)!  We welcome comments and look forward to hearing from you!

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